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Plant-based food for a better world

In 2008, three newcomers to the sushi scene -- chef Kin Lui, chef Raymond Ho, and ocean conservation activist Casson Trenor -- opened Tataki in San Francisco, the first sushi bar in the world to serve only sustainable seafood. After six years (and two more restaurants), the team decided that seafood sustainability alone was not enough to save our oceans. This led them to create Shizen, a fully plant-based sushi bar in San Francisco's Mission District.

Shizen was a hit. People came from all over the world to enjoy this new approach to sushi: A peaceful take on the cuisine that did no harm to animals and that elevated vegetables, fruits, flowers, and mushrooms to a new level behind the sushi bar. 


In 2019, Chef Kin Lui fulfilled his dream of many years by bringing his recipes, experience, and lessons learned back to his hometown of Honolulu and opening Tane. Kin, Ray, and Casson are proud to share their commitment to high-quality plant-based cuisine with their new friends and neighbors here on the beautiful island of Oahu.


Only through the evolution of our food systems to a kinder, gentler model will we be able to save our oceans and protect our planet. At Tane, we do our part by serving food that is designed to do no harm.


E komo mai and irrashaimase: You are welcome here, whoever you may be.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.


- Kin, Ray, & Casson

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