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Aloha from Tane Honolulu!

Tane Vegan Izakaya, nestled in an unassuming block in Honolulu, is a culinary sanctuary offering a diverse plant-based menu in Japanese cuisine, and is the first fully plant-based sushi and izakaya restaurant in Hawaii's capital. Founded by Chef Kin Lui, Tane was born from a dream to create a high-quality, cruelty-free sushi restaurant that honors both flavor and sustainability. Our chefs skillfully blend fresh, locally sourced ingredients with authentic Japanese techniques to craft dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. From sushi rolls and tempura to ramen and small plates, each item on our menu is thoughtfully prepared to showcase the vibrant tastes and textures of plant-based cuisine.

The name Tane, meaning "seed" in Japanese, embodies our commitment to sustainable and innovative dining. Chef Kin Lui’s philosophy centers on setting a new standard for responsible food culture, one that emphasizes the importance of fresh, local produce and eco-friendly practices. At Tane, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing waste and sourcing seasonal ingredients directly from local farmers. This approach not only supports our community but also ensures that our guests enjoy the freshest and most flavorful dishes possible.

More than just a restaurant, Tane Vegan Izakaya is a community hub where guests can gather to share meals and connect over a mutual love of food. The warm red hue lighting, believed by Chef Kin to bring good luck, along with Polaroid photos of happy diners and thoughtfully designed spaces, create a casual yet refined atmosphere reminiscent of a true sushi dining experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you through our menu and ensure your visit is memorable. Join us for a unique dining experience that celebrates sustainability and the art of vegan cooking. Mahalo!

Chef Kin

Chef Kin's journey started at 15, working various restaurant jobs in Hawaii, which laid the foundation for his career. Moving to San Francisco, he mastered his izakaya skills and, alongside Chef Raymond Ho and environmentalist Casson Trenor, opened Tataki, America's first sustainable sushi restaurant. Inspired to push the boundaries further, the trio created Shizen, a fully plant-based sushi bar, which became an acclaimed destination. In 2019, Lui returned to Honolulu to open Tane, bringing his vision of plant-based culinary artistry to life.​

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